Fwd: A small (685K) Fedora appliance for the test day

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Tue Oct 11 20:35:42 UTC 2011

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I've written a small Fedora supermin appliance for the test day.  It's
just under 700K download, but will only work for users who already
have Fedora 15, 16 or Rawhide installed on the host.

I suggested to Mark and Alan that we give them this.  If it doesn't
work, then they can download a full appliance image that Alan is
building instead.

I have tested these images on stock Fedora 15 (32 bit), F16 (64 bit)
and Rawhide (64 bit).

For Fedora 15, use this:

For Fedora 16, use this:

For Rawhide, use this:

You will need ~600 MB free space in /var/lib since that is where the
real appliance gets built.  Just install the RPM and run
'boot-a-fedora-appliance' (as root).  Then read that script and the
README file.

Upstream source:

Those are Koji scratch builds, so I guess they will get deleted after
a while.  I will recreate them shortly before the test day itself.

The appliance uses a separate (external) kernel and initrd.  We could
change that.  Not sure what is the best way for OpenStack though.


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