OpenStack in Fedora 15

Robert Knight knight at
Thu Sep 1 22:33:25 UTC 2011

As I have reported in the Wiki, there are troubles with the SysV init 
scripts on Fedora 15.  The defect is caused by the change in F15 to a 
tmpfs for /var/run.  Thus, the target directory for the pid's does not 
survive a reboot.  So, some way is needed to (re-)create /var/run/glance 
and /var/run/nova or the startup scripts need to be changed to just put 
the pid's directly into /var/run, which will be there.  Does anyone know 
whether there is a standard resolution to this?

The Short-Description and Description fields in the SysV init script for 
openstack-glance-registry (as well as the other comments) is incorrect.

The systemd packaging guidelines say that the systemd unit files should 
be sent back upstream.  Does anyone know whether upstream would accept this?

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