OpenStack packaging progress

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Fri Sep 2 13:48:53 UTC 2011


Yet more excellent OpenStack happenings this week!

  - Matt Domsch reviewed openstack-nova and approved it after some 
    tweaks. It's now in F-16

  - I've created a Fedora 16 feature page and we hope to ask FESCo very 
    nicely to make an exception for us

  - Matt and Angus Salkeld have joined me as co-maintainers of Nova and 

  - The folks from Mirantis - who did a bunch of the initial Fedora 
    packaging work - are also going to join as co-maintainers

  - Matt and I have been working on packaging OpenStack's Identity 
    Service, aka Keystone

  - Matt has also been working on importing the various packages into 
    EPEL6 and has made good progress

  - Robert Knight has been investigating what is required for the 
    packages to work on Fedora 15

  - Dan Walsh performed his usual magic and came up with SELinux policy 
    for glance:

  - Angus Salkeld ported Nova and Glance to systemd

  - Kevin Fenzi built the latest version of python-eventlet, which 
    includes the fix Nova needed

  - I've updated the "Getting started" page with instructions on how to 
    build Fedora 15 images for OpenStack using Oz

  - We're planning a Fedora 16 Cloud Test Day, which would include a 
    bunch of OpenStack testing

  - I made some progress figuring out what we need in the way of 
    iptables rules to work with Fedora's default rules:

    At least the "Getting started" instructions no longer tell you to 
    disable iptables :-)


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