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Mon Sep 5 11:24:24 UTC 2011

TWO hands UP!! would love to see it in EPEL.


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> On Thu, Sep 01, 2011 at 07:48:33PM -0500, R P Herrold wrote:
> > On Thu, 1 Sep 2011, Matt_Domsch at wrote:
> >
> > > Quick show of hands: who cares about seeing OpenStack be in EPEL?
> >
> > > Now, before I go any further:  who is with me?   Is there pent-up user
> demand for OpenStack on RHEL, or service providers who are loyal to the RHEL
> family who would benefit from having the packages in EPEL?  Or do we expect
> most OpenStack users to simply use Ubuntu/Canonical or a Citrix distribution
> thereof?  I don't want to push packages that are likely to go unused.
> >
> > I anticipate using it and drilling it into pmman, probably
> > writing the needed connectors.  But I think that Enterprise
> > will probably have this anyway.  Are there not 'exclusion
> > because in the main distribution' issues likely?
> A distinct possibility, but AFAICT, Red Hat has declined to
> participate in OpenStack directly so far, which is well within their
> rights (and perhaps strategy).  I'm not too concerned though - it has
> happened over time that packages move from EPEL into RHEL proper,
> there are procedures in place for such to ensure a smooth upgrade path
> for users/customers, should Red Hat choose to do so.
> I hadn't realized that Grid Dynamics did the original packaging for
> RHEL; Mirantis picked it up for Fedora, then Mark and I, and now Angus
> Salkeld have made improvements from there.  Time to re-merge with the
> GD work before we get too far apart to make that clean, and to get
> everyone working towards the same goal from a unified tree.
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