Yum S3 plugin

Jorge Gallegos kad at blegh.net
Thu Sep 15 04:48:49 UTC 2011

So, I gather no one can shed some light on this? anyone? bueller?

The bug (point #2) doesn't really stop the plugin from working, but it is annoying.

Any help would be much appreciated

On Fri, Sep 09, 2011 at 01:03:24PM -0700, Jorge Gallegos wrote:
> (to both cloud@ and devel@)
> I was interested in a yum plugin to support S3, and discovered [1]this
> forum post, where Seth and James basically gave their thumbs up. The
> author (Robert Mela, even though he's not the original author either)
> made it work and there was some feedback provided, which I incorporated,
> along with a bunch of small improvements in my [2]github branch.
> Robert says in the forum post that he'll be happy if someone shepherds
> this into completion and I'm more than happy to try.
> Right now the plugin works, is a bit more aligned with the yum plugin
> architecture I think (I'd really like it to be true :) and also allows
> you to set the S3 credentials on a global, per-repo or using environment
> variables.
> There are 2 things I want to complete/need help with:
>  - Package it as an RPM: I have a half-finished spec for this and I
> should have no problems finishing as long as I can deal with the item
> below:
>  - Fix an annoying bug where the plugin creates an empty yum cachedir in
> the current directory. This is because the way the plugin works, it
> creates a copy of the original repo with a different grabber based on
> boto/urllib2 and then copies the rest of the attributes. However when
> the [3]new repo is created, basecachedir is empty. Can any of you fine
> people spot a way around that? it's been bugging me for a good week now.
> thoughts? comments? suggestions? let me know :)
> Cheers
> ~kad
> PS if you're asking yourselves: Why would you need this plugin if you
> can create websites off an S3 bucket? the answer is: using S3 offers
> more granularity to share, instead of just opening up the contents of
> the bucket to the entire world.
> [1]
> http://www.bluequartz.us/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=568109&sid=d3462de3a07fc65561c69f5b940ac6df
> [2] https://github.com/thekad/yum-s3-plugin/tree/v1.1.x
> [3] https://github.com/thekad/yum-s3-plugin/blob/v1.1.x/s3.py#L228

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