Cloudy Forecast at FUDCon Blacksburg

Mo Morsi mmorsi at
Wed Jan 4 12:11:48 UTC 2012

On 12/28/2011 12:59 PM, Robyn Bergeron wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I realize many of us are on vacation this week but I'm shipping this
> out in the hopes of getting something organized before the last
> second, since I am pretty sure I will have plenty of other
> ohgodlastsecond things to do come FUDCon time.
> I know that Matt Domsch had previously sent an email about getting
> together an OpenStack workshop/hackfest while we're at FUDCon. We also
> presumably have folks planning on doing OTHER THINGS, so, feel free to
> list your plans, wishes, hopes, dreams, and so forth.
> Conveniently, I have a wiki page set up for this!
> Once we have some stuff listed in the way of workshops/hackfests I'll
> reserve our room spots for Friday and/or Sunday, hopefully in a
> non-overlapping kind of way.
> And so: Garrett, Andy, Greg, Perry, Russell, David, Mike, Matt, Clint,
> Justin, John Mark, Marek, Karsten, Jeff, Kaleb (???), and anyone I
> missed, (that's gholms, mull, gregdek, pmyers, drumkilla (I REFUSE TO
> CALL YOU RUSSELLB), ke4qqq, mmcgrath, mdomsch, herlo, jforbes,
> johnmark, mgoldmann, quaid, jdarcy, kkeithley for those playing along
> at home) ......
> Get your stuff listed! :)
> -Robyn

I'll be there in attendance and have also scheduled two hackfests around 
using and developing around the aeolus and snap toolsets to deploy to 
the cloud in interesting ways from Fedora.


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