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Jaime Melis jmelis at
Thu Jan 5 01:29:14 UTC 2012

Hello Denis,

Thanks a lot for your help, it definitely cleared things up, and happily
the process is simpler than what I though it would be, which is nice.

We've made the feature ready for wrangler.

Thanks again,

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 3:03 PM, Denis Arnaud <denis.arnaud_fedora at>wrote:

> Dear Jaime,
> We're a few weeks away from F17 features submission deadline and we've
>> been working hard (especially Shaw Starr - CC) in submitting OpenNebula
>> package dependencies. OpenNebula would even work without those not yet
>> complete dependencies since they're mostly ruby gems which speed up
>> OpenNebula (although we're confident they will all be there for the
>> submission deadline), so we would like to move on to the next stage and
>> start submitting OpenNebula for feature review to get it approved. Could
>> anyone help us out with the process we must follow to get OpenNebula to be
>> an accepted feature?
> AFAIU, you can submit the feature for approval by Fesco. There should be a
> Fesco meeting tonight, I believe. As a reminder, the feature process is
> described on the Fedora Wiki:
> In particular, the
> acceptance criteria (
> seem all be
> met by OpenNebula.
> All the tasks of the feature are not required to be completed for the
> feature approval. Rather, they need to be completed for the Fedora 17
> freeze (which will come shortly).
> So, regarding the acceptance process, the only thing you have to do *for
> now* (, is:
> "1. The Feature Owner adds the feature page to
> Category:FeatureReadyForWrangler<>by adding the following text to the bottom of their feature page:
> *Category:FeatureReadyForWrangler<>
> *--it is already in the feature template<>
> ."
> Note that you can also refer to the features submitted by similar
> projects: OpenStack (, (
>, Sheepdog (
> and HekaFS (
> for Fedora 16, as well as
> BoxGrinder ( for
> Fedora 15.
> Does it seem clearer?
> Best regards
> Denis

Jaime Melis
Project Engineer
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