Running horizon/dashboard from git (round 2)

Cole Robinson crobinso at
Fri Jan 13 22:06:59 UTC 2012

On 01/13/2012 01:00 PM, Cole Robinson wrote:

> And that should work! ... Or at least it did, as of nova commit
> 8b79dae67ca2686780d3e3b5863d0578264e92a5 on Jan 4. However with current up to
> date nova I'm getting errors like:
> Error: Unable to get usage info: Malformed request url
> in horizon. There is a recent nova bug filed with a similar error but I'm not
> sure if it's the issue I'm currently hitting:

Bisected to the following nova commit:

commit c9c09bd60e7a0e0258d218a31d7878755bea1395
Author: Thierry Carrez <thierry at>
Date:   Wed Jan 11 13:48:29 2012 +0100

    Do not overwrite project_id from request params

    Prevent project_id overwriting from OSAPI request parameters.
    The patch is actually very simple (nova/api/openstack/ but
    needs significant test adjustments (nova/tests/*) to pass.

    Fixes bug 904072. Patch from Vish Ishaya and Mark McLoughlin.

    Change-Id: I66ea0f178ce6271ec1020e9f1a73bd4e8c83ddab

So I assume I've either misconfigured something or horizon is doing something
funky. Mark, any clues?


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