Running horizon/dashboard from git with openstack from rawhide

Tengvall, Ilkka (NSN - FI Espoo) ilkka.tengvall at
Tue Jan 17 08:34:06 UTC 2012

Hi guys,

I would need some help with dashboard setup to get past the issue:

"*Error: *Unable to get service info: This error may be caused by a
misconfigured Nova url in keystone's service catalog, or by missing
openstackx extensions in Nova. See the Horizon README."

I'm new to openstack, and started to evaluate it on fedora. I installed
openstack from rawhide, and configured it and verified I can run guests
in there. Then I went ahead to install dashboard. It required keystone,
which I installed and created the admin user with token, and verified it
can login using curl. Then I took the horizon/dashboard from git. After
banging my head to wall for few times now I thought to ask you guys,
since you face the same problem, even though you use the latest git
openstack, it seems:

I don't see the log line as described there:

"2012-01-16 11:48:05,325 AUDIT nova.api.openstack.extensions [-] Loaded
extension: ADMIN"

where as I see something related failing (api.log):

2012-01-17 08:58:29,289 AUDIT extensions [-] Loading extension file:
2012-01-17 08:58:29,289 WARNING extensions [-] Did not find expected
name "Admin_only" in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nova/api/open

No sign of openstackx in that log, which might be the origin of the
problem. I have this on my noca.conf (copied the last two lines from the
above mail thread):


It didn't work any different before adding the last to lines either. I
also tried the patch to mentioned in the mailthread, but it
doesn't make a difference.

Any help would be appreciated. I also wonder about Alan Pevec's comment
about using python nova client, is it already set up into dashboard
somehow, is there implementation of dashboard already available for it?
As the git of horizon seems to still use openstackx...

Here another mail thread started by me, which pointed me to this list: There is more
command history to what I did on my machine, if it helps.

BTW, I joined the #fedora-cloud at freenode if you hang around there, my
nick is ikke-t, if you would be willing to help there.



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