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It's been about 3 weeks since the last status update, so here's the latest:

Historical archives are here:


(appended below for convenience)

= Distro news =

Fedora 17 was released on May 29th containing the [ OpenStack Essex "Feature"]

Chris Wright discusses [ OpenStack in the Fedora 17 release video].

== openstack-nova ==
Nova updates for Fedora 16, 17, EPEL 6 and rawhide, were released for
a security issue where [ security groups fail to be set correctly]

Nova packages now enable libguestfs image inspection,
which allows injection to more complex guest images.
This is supported by libguestfs updates to the inspection functionality.

== openstack-keystone ==
Derek Higgins identified and fixed important keystone security issues:
* [ Tokens remain valid after a user account is disabled]
* [ Tokens remain valid following a password compromise and subsequent password change]
* [ Once a token is created/distributed its expiry date can be circumvented]

Alan Pevec backported these to the essex release and updated the packages

== novnc ==
novnc packages were finalized to support VNC from a browser to guests through the dashboard.<br/>
There were tested successfully by CERN who shared [ setup and testing notes]

Yong Sheng Gong from IBM also documented [ OpenStack VNC setups]

== OpenStack Folsom in rawhide ==
Fedora Rawhide has been mostly updated to the Folsom milestone 1 OpenStack release:
* [;a=commit;h=d75edaf2 keystone]
* [;a=commit;h=214824b0 glance]
* [;a=commit;h=8d4333a nova]
* [;a=commit;h=0176a7c horizon]
* [;a=commit;h=d09fbdf python-novaclient]
Also there was a [ Fedora 18 Folsom Feature page] prepared, summarizing the tasks for Folsom support

= OpenStack upstream news =

== Bug triaging day ==
About 20 people on and off, many from the Fedora community,
participated in the upstream OpenStack bug triaging day,
which yielded some [ very beneficial results]

== Fedora/RHEL/Centos docs ==
Anne Gentle wrote and guided through review a significant update to the
[ Fedora/RHEL/Centos specific information] in the upstream docs:

== LVM backed guest images ==
GridDynamics after a dedicated review process,
commited [ support for LVM backed guest images].

This significantly improves performance in their testing,
over guest images run from a standard file system.
As part of this they refactored the guest image handling code,
making it much more maintainable.

== Red Hat upstream work ==

There is too much to track in detail the OpenStack upstream activity of Red Hat developers,
but here is a link showing the [ last 3 weeks of Red Hat OpenStack upstream development]

= Misc =

== OpenStack + OpenShift presentation ==
A recent presentation on the synergies of [ OpenStack and OpenShift] was made available.

== CERN's plans for OpenStack ==
Tim  Bell from CERN (who use Red Hat flavored systems) has presented [ plans for running OpenStack on 15K systems] (running 300K VMs) by 2015.

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