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On 03/02/2012 10:22 AM, Karl Nilsson wrote:

> Additionally, I'm currently a student, and in search of an 
> internship for the Summer. I'm also looking to contribute to a
> project for Google's Summer of Code. If anyone has any suggestions
> for either of these, feel free to ping me.

Hey Cloud SIG members!

Fedora is applying for the Google Summer of Code.

We need lots of ideas for students to propose to.

If your ideas are big, break them down to smaller sets of projects. Go
ahead and put up some wild fantasies, you never know what will happen.
(For example, was started as a Fedora GSoC project ...
more at .)

Karl - it is perfectly legitimate for you to ask around here and
#fedora-cloud to find out what people want done, and help them turn
that in to an idea for the above page. If we get in to GSoC, then you
already know what you are going to apply for! (It's also OK to have
multiple ideas and multiple proposals from the students, too.)

Also, if a student (hint, hint) wants to put up ideas, that's great.
The only challenge is in finding a mentor, and that's what the Summer
Coding SIG is here to help with. Join this discussion group to get
that help:

Cheers - Karsten
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