OpenStack Summit/Conf. & Marketing Collateral (a two-part email!)

Robyn Bergeron rbergero at
Wed Mar 21 18:18:05 UTC 2012

Howdy howdy Cloud SIG pals,

This is a dual-purpose email, so if you don't care about the first part 
(OpenStack Summit/Conf.) at least bear with me and skip on to the second 
part :)

There is a handful of folks from Fedora-land, I suspect, who will be in 
attendance at the OpenStack Summit & Conference coming up April 16-20.

I've arranged for us to have some shared .org booth space at the event; 
we would likely want to staff that on Thursday/Friday (the conference 
portion), though my understanding is that the booth area will likely be 
open all days of the week. I'll be in attendance, but would love to have 
some backup. I'm not asking for anyone to spend all day, but if you can 
spend an hour or two over a day or two, that would be rockin'.

I've made an event page to try and organize anything we have going on at 
the event, here:

So if you're planning on attending, and are willing to hang at the booth 
at some point, please add your name to the "Fedora Representatives" 
section, and as soon as the schedule looks more firm (or published, 
really) we can try and nail down a more firm schedule for boothiness.  
And I also won't have to subject everyone on the Cloud SIG mailing list 
to reading the hashing out of schedule details. :)

Also: I'm curious if anyone might be interested in wrangling some sort 
of Fedora/OpenStack BoF, maybe Thursday night, or $someothertime? I 
think it would be a good way to connect with people who might be 
potential contributor types, might be willing to test, etc.

I'm planning on having a small amount of media and some stickers to give 
away at the booth, but I think it would be SUPER BENEFICIAL to have some 
Cloud-specific collateral to give away, since the audience for this is 
obviously very targeted.


More generally, I think it would be great to have some Cloud SIG 
materials available for conferences and such, not just this one.  I've 
created some *incredibly* drafty brainstorming pages for two pieces of 
material that we could do as flyers, or 
nicer-printed-on-heavy-paper-special-sized handouts:

* Cloud SIG or Fedora in the Cloud:
I'm thinking this would be more of a catch-all, "What is in Fedora that 
is cloudy" handout, including EC2 info as well as some of the tooling we 
* OpenStack & Fedora:
For this: I'm thinking "What's in F16, What's coming in F17", as well as 
more generalized info ("About Fedora," "Contributing to the Cloud SIG").

So in a nutshell: If you're one of the folks working on the OpenStack 
stuff, I would muchomucho appreciate your help/content/etc. in creating 
this second flyer; if you're Anyone who Cares about Fedora and Cloud, I 
would love your help in creating content for the first flyer listed.

Additionally, I've requested a logo for our lovely group from the Design 
Team, so hopefully they can come up with something awesome.  Once we 
have a good handle on content for flyers, we can probably work with the 
design team to come up with something that actually looks nice in 
addition to being informative.

Obviously, other flyer ideas are welcome too, the OpenStack one is 
mostly to have something specific for a very narrowly-focused event.

Your feedback is welcome, as always. :D


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