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Vogel Nicolas nicolas.vogel at heig-vd.ch
Tue Apr 9 12:26:08 UTC 2013


I have successfully installed openstack on two nodes (running CentOS 6.3) using packstack « 2012.2.2-0.2.dev211.el6 .noarch.rpm » package.
I got no error, but no keystonerc_admin file was created on my controller node. So I don’t know how I could login to the dashboard.
Where can I find the credentials that where used by packstack?

I have also successfully installed a controller node (also running CentOS 6.3) manually using the RedHat documentation Rev. 1.0-28 from 03/27/2013. Now I wan’t to install a compute node but I don’t know how to start…
What should be installed on the compute node ? only Nova and Cinder? I’m using Nova-network and not Quantum for the moment.
Should I complete the keystone service-catalog on the controller with the new services on the compute node?
If someone has a link or a doc for compute node installation it will be very helpful for me.

Thanks a lot,


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