Packaging cloud-image-service for EPEL

Sam Kottler skottler at
Sat Aug 10 18:51:12 UTC 2013

Andrew + list,

I'm working on packaging the cloud-image-service repository so it can get deployed to the project infra. I've made some progress, but need a more complete understanding of how its supposed to be deployed (i.e. the fedmsg infra behind it) in order to wrap up packaging.

Right now there are "fedmsg", "fedmsgd", and, which I believe should all be excluded from the packaging since they're vendored libraries that are currently in the git repo [1]. Is that correct? Also, right now the tool isn't easily able to be packaged as an egg - would you might include a and unifiying the takedown and upload folders into a single library?

Let me know if you need any help.



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