Olivier Delrieu olivier.delrieu at pgxis.com
Wed Aug 28 16:39:44 UTC 2013

Dear All,


We have been using clusters of home-made, paravirtual, S3 based, F11
instances for quite some time now.


We now need to use cluster compute instances. If I am not mistaken, these
have to be HVM & EBS based.


So I am looking for a Fedora AMI that would be HVM & EBS based. I've found
the latest F19 EBS based AMI, but these are paravirtual.


If there is no such instance, is there a way:

- to convert a paravirtual instance into a HVM instance (that would be ideal
as we still need paravirtual instances)

- to build a HVM AMI from scratch (as I did years ago with F11.) ?


Many thanks,


Olivier Delrieu


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