Semi-Official Fedora 18 downloadable cloud images

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Tue Jan 15 17:26:14 UTC 2013


This is a basic Fedora 18 spin designed to work in OpenStack and other
private cloud environments. It's configured with cloud-init so it will take
advantage of ec2-compatible metadata services for provisioning ssh keys.
That also currently creates an ec2-user account; we'll probably want to make
that something generic by default in a future iteration. The root password
is empty by default.

These images were built using appliance-creator and the kickstart files from

They include the final F18 release plus all relevant zero-day updates.

Note that unlike the standard F18 install, this image has /tmp on disk
rather than in tmpfs, since memory is usually at a premium.

The raw.xz files are compressed raw images; they consist of 10GB of mostly
zeros and will need to be uncompressed to use. The .qcow2 images are also
compressed but can be used immediately by anything which (like OpenStack
Glance) can use that format natively.

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