f19 feature (needs work) -- More Awesome Cloud Image

Matthew Miller mattdm at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jan 23 16:11:12 UTC 2013


I threw this together at FUDcon as a placeholder. (As of right now, it is
literally just a skeleton outline.)

This is not _really_ an individual feature, and may not actually be
appropriate for the features process as such. But I thought it might be good
to talk about and plan the improvements we want to go into the cloud image
this time around.

Some things might include:

  - automatic partition resize when possible
  - ec2-user changed to something generic (let's agree on what, and whether
    the ec2 and generic images should use the same thing)
  - improvements to cloud-init packaging (smallify?)
  - possible minimal metadata service client for when cloud-init is too
  - some sort of rudimentary integration with Fedora Formulas
  - updated documentation

Which are all worth planning for F19 whether we wrap it up as a feature or

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