TC6 cloud images available in EC2 and for download

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Thu Jun 20 14:44:29 UTC 2013

Fedora 19 Test Candidate 6 cloud images are now available from:

in either qcow2 or raw.xz form. You should be able to use Glance in
OpenStack to just import the qcow2 images directly and go.

They're also in Amazon EC2 in the US East region;

  ami-93c3b2fa for x86_64
  ami-17c2b37e for i386

Thanks to Dennis Gilmore in Fedora Release Engineering for the extra work to
make this happen.

The images are configured with "fedora" as the default user with sudo. You
can change this behavior by passing different configuration data via the
user-data in either OpenStack or EC2. For example, to allow direct root
login and to suppress the creation of the 'fedora' user, use

disable_root: 0

(The first line is identifying the userdata type, not a comment.)

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