Fedora 20 cloud plans?

Matthew Miller mattdm at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jun 26 18:20:55 UTC 2013

With F19 almost out the door, it's time to shift attention to the next

Here's what I'm thinking about right now; would love to hear your opinions
and advice here, and also about other things in the cloud arena which we
should be working on.

Cloud Image Generation
- finally getting this automated weekly in koji, to a download
  site and to EC2. See notes for this at
- move to Oz (or other fully anaconda-based image generation)

Improving the Cloud Image
- cloud-util improvement
  - subpackaging growpart means we don't need to pull in huge deps (bz #975497)
- cloud-init improvements
  - can we remove the cheetah dependency? (bz #974327)
  - other dependency softening (eg bz #974329, bz #786488)
  - disable direct writes to the console, which will address several
      problems (bz #977952)
  - others?
- disable the gettys by default?
- look at the logging configuration (rsyslog/journald double-logging issue;
  look at memory and on-disk journald consumption)
- more reductionism as reasonable -- maybe we can look at tackling the docs,
  translations, and kernel-modules size issues? burn sendmail with fire?
  get systemd-journal-gatewayd out of the image so it stops pulling in the
  libmicrohttpd web server and crypto libs which wouldn't be there otherwise
  (bz #908081)

- We're blocked from having "real" vagrant base boxes by a lack of Chef,
  which is blocked by bz #823351; hope to have that resolved and Chef as
  an F20 feature
- Also, Vagrant is very Virtualbox-centric, and we don't have that in Fedora
  (out of tree kernel modules); work on a KVM provider for Vagrant should
  make that a non-issue -- https://github.com/adrahon/vagrant-kvm

Cloud Infrastructure Software
 - OpenNebula?


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