Should Fedora revisit the idea having "one " image to be used across the cloud providers?

Kashyap Chamarthy kchamart at
Wed Jun 26 19:04:20 UTC 2013

(Re-directing the discussion from #fedora-cloud on Freenode..)


(Without trying to make it a large 'theoretical' discussion..)

So, should we (Fedora) reconsider the "noble goal" (as Matthew Miller put it) of having
one cloud image serve all cloud providers? Or separate images (sure, there's more work
involved) that are specific

 Because, lately we've seen several problems where cloud-init has been breaking things in
subtle ways, like output of boot messages on console.log for OpenStack/Amazon/Eucalyptus
has been broken in different

Garret Holmstrom and Matthew Miller (both who's been in the trenches of these issues can
describe much better than I can at this midnight hour). They also discussed a couple of
ideas on IRC like

 - configuring journald to forward to both syslog and the console

e.g. (please read the issue described above) -- RFE: disable all direct writes to
the console

And, comparing Fedora images with Cirros -- they output a neat array of bunch of commands
 (I think I noted this previously on this list) that's helpful for debugging. Refer this
previous thread

but haven't reached a proper conclusion.

Any further thoughts from other folks here on how to resolve this would be nice to hear.


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