Should Fedora revisit the idea having "one " image to be used across the cloud providers?

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Hey (and sorry about the top posting, Outlook - eesh. - Yes, we looked at Oz, and its a great tool for running installers, but that isn't what diskimage-builder does: we customise images. So a typical debootstrap might take 10 to 15 minutes : we build an equally vanilla image in 1-2 minutes. Oz has all the complexity of dealing with Windows and other esoteric operating systems, we do Linux and only things that can run in a chroot : so a much simpler and lighter weight tooling. Easy to debug (just drop into a shell), easy to customise (write some shell in a well known environment). for instance is one thread about this on openstack-dev.


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On 06/27/2013 12:53 AM, Collins, Robert (HPCS) wrote:
> Hi, I'm the project lead for TripleO (OpenStack on OpenStack -

Hi Robert, yes, I've just noticed this project a week or so ago.

While I have your attention, probably too late now, I wonder was Oz ever considered for
disk-image-building? (I've read the README of diskimage-builder briefly)

Oz has been in development (& has an amicable upstream) for a couple of years, building
JEOS (just enough OS) targeting multiple operating systems including Windows. It's not too
RPM specific either. There's Debian packaging notes:

All apologies if this discussion happened elsewhere, please point me to it.

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