Should Fedora revisit the idea having "one " image to be used across the cloud providers?

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Fri Jun 28 10:19:43 UTC 2013

Heya Robyn,

On 06/28/2013 03:20 PM, Robyn Bergeron wrote:
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>> Subject: Should Fedora revisit the idea having "one " image to be used across	the cloud providers?
>> (Re-directing the discussion from #fedora-cloud on Freenode..)
>> Heya,
>> (Without trying to make it a large 'theoretical' discussion..)
>> So, should we (Fedora) reconsider the "noble goal" (as Matthew Miller put it)
>> of having
>> one cloud image serve all cloud providers? Or separate images (sure, there's
>> more work
>> involved) that are specific
> As a few others have stated - I think it would be best to just have one image (to rule them all, muhahah); if nothing else, it helps to eliminate possibilities around what and why it's broken and so forth. 

Yes, totally understand the nobility of one image. This thread was to get ideas from other
folks to get better testing.

> I also can totally see a situation where some flavors of images (for lack of a better term) eventually get so buried in little changes here and there that they just become technical debt that we will struggle to pay off if we do want to later pursue the Noble Goal.


> I also agree with the multi-vendor, cloudbursting scenario that Robert mentioned later in this thread, and how that just makes management of images more difficult; while I would guess that a user sophisticated enough to be in the cloud is possibly creating images of their own, I still think they'd want to ensure that their starting point is consistent so that any automation they have doesn't need to be riddled with if/then scenarios.


>>  Because, lately we've seen several problems where cloud-init has been
>>  breaking things in
>> subtle ways, like output of boot messages on console.log for
>> OpenStack/Amazon/Eucalyptus
>> has been broken in different
> I wonder if this is something we should be testing for? 

Yes, I'm testing it for OpenStack. I presume other folks who care about Amazon/Euca does
too :)

Probably an 'images' specific Fedora test day. I'm willing to volunteer.


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