tdl-tools update

Mo Morsi mmorsi at
Wed Mar 6 16:34:30 UTC 2013

Figure I'd send around an update regarding tdl-tools [1]. I have some
content to demo at our next sprint recap, and plan to make a short
screencast which I will format into a blog post w/ some content:
As you may recall, tdl-tools is a set of tools to make building,
testing, and deploying tdls (as used by imagefactory/oz) quick and easy.

All in all the current tools are comprised of:

- tdl-create: create a new tdl/etdl from scratch, includes an
interactive mode

- tdl-verify: verify the accuracy of your tdl on the command line

- tdl-convert: convert an tdl/etdl and vice versa

- tdl-launch: start a new instance w/ deltacloud and process the tdl on
it, great for quickly testing tdl's

- tdl-apply : simple command to proxy tdl's between cloud instance and
image services, specify tdl via cmd line w/ flag indicating whether to
use tdl-launch/deltacloud or imagefactory to handle the tdl.

- tdl-config: creates a new config file in the user's home dir
containing cloud credentials (which the user will be prompted for) to be
used by tdl-apply to pass onto deltacloud/imagefactory

I also would like to incorporate a '--server' flag in tdl-apply to
provide a simple sinatra based web-service which to also serve this
proxy over http.

These commands are all currently available via the 'tdl' gem on [2], simply 'gem install tdl' and invoke them on the
command line.



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