please help test beta test candidate cloud images

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Thu Oct 17 13:10:47 UTC 2013

These are available from


Please help test these, either in OpenStack (or other private cloud systems,
like Eucalyptus), or in EC2 -- the AMI ids are

   ami-e7a1f38e : us-east-1 image for x86_64
   ami-6ba6f402 : us-east-1 image for i386

(you can confirm this by looking at files on the staging server)

The test cases are here:

and the more people we have looking the better.

In particular beyond that basic smoketest, cloud-init has been updated to a
new release with a lot of changes, and those things could stand to be
exercised. See


Matthew Miller  ☁☁☁  Fedora Cloud Architect  ☁☁☁  <mattdm at>

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