Howto update the kernel on ec2

Sean Darcy seandarcy2 at
Tue Sep 10 21:15:38 UTC 2013

On 09/10/2013 03:44 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 03:25:36PM -0400, Sean Darcy wrote:
>> But...when you do it you get to a dialog where you can choose the
>> kernel to use. The drop down list includes default and a number of
>> AKI's (Amazon Kernel Images??) . How do you find out what the AKI's
>> refer to in Fedora speak, i.e.  kernel-3.10.10-100.fc18.x86_64 ?? I
>> googled some of the aki's , but found nothing.
>> we should use an hd0 ( and not hd00 ) aki, correct?
> Right. Use the pv-grub AKI for an unpartitioned image (the hd0 ones). See
> for more.
> This will then use /boot/grub/menu.lst (which symlinks to
> /boot/grub/grub.conf; implementation detail) to boot a kernel on the image.
> (Grub isn't actually used on the images, just the config file. Also you may
> notice that the images contain extlinux; that's because they're identical to
> the downloadable qcow2 images meant to boot in openstack or other cloud
> providers without pv-grub).
>> But now I have an F19 instance running. Will I need to do some magic
>> to upgrade the kernel, or is yum upgrade sufficient?
> Yum upgrade and reboot. We've endeavored to make the existing kernel magic
> just work. Of course, there's a tiny chance that something will go horribly
> wrong -- if it does, please report. (As a matter of course, make sure you're
> not storing anything irreplaceable on a cloud instance anyway.)

Thanks for the quick response.

Is there any easy way to figure out what are aki kernels?

For instance, here are the kernels listed for ec2 region us-east-1:


aki-88aa75e1 pv-grub-hd0_1.03-x86_64.gz

aki-b6aa75df pv-grub-hd0_1.03-i386.gz

aki-b4aa75dd pv-grub-hd00_1.03-x86_64.gz

aki-b2aa75db pv-grub-hd00_1.03-i386.gz

How do you find out how these map to fedora kernels?

I guess as long as yum upgrade works, I really shouldn't care.

Again, thanks for making all this remarkably painless.


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