Future directions for Fedora Cloud

Sandro "red" Mathys red at fedoraproject.org
Thu Sep 12 07:51:40 UTC 2013

First of all, one question: will the Cloud SIG persist or not?

On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 6:01 PM, Matthew Miller
<mattdm at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> Does this sound interesting / valuable? Are there other directions you'd
> like to see us go?

tl;dr: Fedora Cloud WG should continue with Ideas Zero and probably
Two. Idea One should be implemented by Fedora Server WG.

I think, there should be two deliverables (from a Cloud SIG POV, not
going into the whole Fedora strategy):
1) Fedora Server spin that either is minimal enough to install a cloud
stack on top or that already includes the cloud stacks (details are up
to the Fedora Server WG)
2) Cloud Image (that might get extended to also be a VM image, i.e. no
hard dependency on Metadata APIs and such). Or several images, i.e.
one for AWS, one for VMs and one for (every?) cloud stack(s) included
in Fedora - again, that decision is for the Fedora Cloud WG to make.

Responsibility over those two are with the Fedora Server WG and Fedora
Cloud WG, respectively.

If the Cloud SIG persists, they keep in charge of packaging the cloud
software stacks that will be either part of Fedora Server (if there's
one or several cloud spins) or be installable on top of Fedora Server
(if minimal or minimal virtualization host) - again, those details are
up to the Fedora Server WG. If the Cloud SIG is dissolved, that work
would probably become part of the Fedora Server WG's work.

Obviously, there's a few hard relationships between the two or three
bodies. The Cloud Image needs to work on top of the Cloud software
stacks (i.e. those included in Fedora, but also AWS) and those need to
work on top of Fedora Server.

Really just my 5c, people who have given the whole new strategy more
thought might come up with a better solution and I can easily see
other scenarios work as well or maybe even better.

-- Sandro

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