Vagrant in Fedora

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On 09/23/2013 09:29 AM, Matthew Miller wrote: 
>> 3. I had to build my own rubygems-childprocess (current Fedora package is 
>> very old) and rubygems-log4r (not provided in Fedora) RPMs, but I don't 
>> know how I should submit them (package review ticket?). There's a existing 
>> ticket for log4r , I 
>> added it as a dependency to the Vagrant ticket. 
> It looks like Mo Morsi is an approved committer for that package 
> and could maybe add you as a co-maintainer too. Mo just responded to this 
> thread in another post so that seems like a good possibility. :) 

Updated in rawhide / F20: 

Feel free to test the update out / give it karma. 


This looks good, I'll test it. BTW, shouldn't be updated? 

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