Vagrant in Fedora

Mo Morsi mmorsi at
Tue Sep 24 21:46:01 UTC 2013

On 09/24/2013 07:51 AM, Alexandre Drahon wrote:
> Hi Mo,
> Thanks for the pointers, I'll definitely look at this and ask for help
> on the Ruby SIG list. The issue here is that Vagrant plugins are
> rubygems that get installed in the user's ~/.vagrant.d/ directory with
> all their dependencies (ie. Vagrant won't reuse system-wide installed
> gems). I already face the issue with vagrant-kvm with the dependency
> on Nokogiri, which needs gcc to install. OTOH I'm trying to keep
> Vagrant patching to a minimum. I think the best course of action is:
>  - have Vagrant look for plugins system-wide first (in
> /usr/share/gems) and then in ~/.vagrant.d
>  - still allow plugin install from ('vagrant plugin
> install whatever') and ensure it works
>  - provide vagrant-kvm as a system-wide rubygem and ensure it uses
> system-wide dependencies
>  - maybe provide some other Vagrant plugins as RPM (not sure it's wise)
> bundler_ext seems like it could help here, I'm going to have a look at
> that.
> Alex

Sounds like the plugin system works somewhat similar to engines in
rails. IIUC, so long as we have the deps to startup the base system from
a yum install, we should be good as far as loading plugins from
wherever. Additional plugins shipped as rpm's would be a nice feature
but might not be a required from the get-go.

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