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Alex Drahon adrahon at
Thu Sep 26 21:09:37 UTC 2013

On 24/09/13 06:43, Nathanael Noblet wrote:
> On 09/23/2013 06:37 AM, Alexandre Drahon wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I wanted to give an update on the status of Vagrant in Fedora 20, I 
>> just realised it's my first post to the list so I'll take this 
>> opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Alex, I work at Red Hat as a 
>> Solution Architect (ie. nothing engineering related), I wrote the 
>> vagrant-kvm plugin on my spare time to make it work on my Fedora 
>> laptop, though there's now a (much more qualified) second maintainer 
>> who is also providing support for Ubuntu through a PPA. Matthew asked 
>> me if I wanted to work on packaging Vagrant and the KVM plugin for 
>> Fedora 20, and I foolishly accepted ;)
>> It's quite exhilarating having the opportunity to contribute to 
>> Fedora, and at the same time I feel totally lost. I don't mean this 
>> as a criticism, it's just this "first week at school" feeling, it 
>> will take me some time to get an idea of how things work. That said, 
>> here's the Vagrant situation:
>> 1. I have a vagrant RPM that installs and works as expected, there's 
>> some minimal patching involved which has to do with the fact that 
>> Vagrant expect to be running in it's own Ruby 1.9.3 environment in /opt
>> 2. There was also some patching involved to make the plugin system 
>> work, although I haven't tested plugins extensively (some stuff 
>> breaks like rubygems loading path) and providing common plugins as 
>> RPMs looks like the better way in Fedora.
>> 3. I had to build my own rubygems-childprocess (current Fedora 
>> package is very old) and rubygems-log4r (not provided in Fedora) 
>> RPMs, but I don't know how I should submit them (package review 
>> ticket?). There's a existing ticket for log4r 
>>, I added it as a 
>> dependency to the Vagrant ticket.
>> 4. I've packaged vagrant-kvm as a RPM and it installs, but I'm 
>> running into serious issues with Policykit. I don't think I'll be 
>> able to solve that without help, I'm not even sure what's the right 
>> way to do it.
>> So, as a summary:
>>  - yum install vagrant should work, at which point you need to 
>> install VirtualBox and it will run as expected
>>  - vagrant-kvm installs but I don't know how to add the right polkit 
>> rules (I need help)
>> Looks pretty good, right?
> It does... Since some of the work needed to get this working requires 
> packages that aren't in fedora already are you able to provide a link 
> to a bunch of src.rpms of everything needed. I'd like to test and 
> wanted to help with this feature awhile back but got sidetracked... 
> However I don't have F20 running on anything so would likely use mock 
> to compile for F18 and see if I can help resolve/test/do something 
> like that.

I posted the current source packages here

Vagrant should work with VirtualBox 

vagrant-kvm still has issues, not sure it's in a testable state yet.

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