Adding ruby dependencies to heat-cfntools in cloud image

Jeff Peeler jpeeler at
Thu Aug 21 15:32:29 UTC 2014

This change was brought about by a missing dependency reported here:

Unfortunately, there were a few other things missing, three of which do
not appear to be included in the cloud image: wget, bzip2, and perhaps
the most shunned, rubygems. As far as installed size goes:

wget     2.0 M (can probably replace this with curl soonish)
bzip2    86 k
rubygems 13 M

It was proposed to not include rubygems as a dependency, but I was
hoping if the size is too large that the kickstart could simply force
remove it. Personally I think not including a required dependency for
full functionality is just wrong. Otherwise, I'm wondering why not leave
the package as is and let people install whatever is needed for the
functionality they require.


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