Fedora Atomic and Docker Host Image [was Re: Docker Host Image: Requirements?]

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Thu Mar 6 17:35:41 UTC 2014

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 11:52 AM, Matthew Miller 
<mattdm at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> I think it will eventually be pretty useful for servers, although 
> without a
> good layer on top, we would just be, to extend your analogy, forcing
> everyone to buy their groceries from a restaurant, and making them 
> build and
> run the restaurant if they don't have one already.

I wouldn't say it that way; we already require everyone to assemble the 
ingredients.  This is just making it easier to reliably replicate the 

> Right now, it's not just any typical American restaurant. It's more 
> like a
> restuarants with a prix fixe menu, where your soup, salad, appetizer, 
> main
> dish, dessert, and beverage are all preselected together. Is that 
> fair?

That is fair indeed!  It's true that it'll be a lot more interesting 
when one can install packages on top.  For those who haven't read it 


are interesting comparison point.  What makes OSTree more a lot more 
flexible than Ubuntu's ImageBasedUpgrades is that we can make a new 
chroot containing any content we want at any time, transparently 
sharing storage.  This is completely different from trying to layer on 
top of a read-only base.

> The important thing isn't Anaconda. It's that we can do it in Koji. 
> Making
> this be an ImageFactory plugin makes it easy to add to the upcoming 
> Koji
> release which has ImageFactory integration.

Yes, I'm increasingly thinking tree construction should be in Koji 
indeed.  I mean, that is kind of its purpose - take as input some 
source + build dependencies, perform computation, output more packages 
or derived data.

It would require teasing apart some things in the current code, but 
quite doable.  I think on my priority list this is after Anaconda and 
some other things though.

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