Automatic Smoketests for the Cloud Images: What to Test?

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Fri Mar 7 02:01:01 UTC 2014

On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 06:44:29PM -0700, Tim Flink wrote:
> To go into a bit more detail, the taskotron bits which would be
> required would depend a little bit on what comes out of the cloud image
> generation.
> I'm assuming the following:
>  - the image creation process will generate a fedmsg upon
>    completion that's relatively simple to differentiate from other
>    fedmsgs.

Yes, that's the plan.

>  - this fedmsg contains some unique information which can be used to
>    obtain a path to the generated image


>  - the image is not already being loaded into a cloud-ish system

The plan currently is to upload it into EC2 and also make the qcow2
available via FTP.

>  - some cloud-ish system (ie openstack) is available for testing

I assume we can do that.

>  - launch an instance with a specified image id, flavor and key id.
>    return the instance's IP address
> There would be a complication here in that Taskotron doesn't have a
> concept of shared secrets for the ssh private key or but I'm sure
> we could figure something out.

Generally, the public key is held by the cloud service (openstack or ec2 or
whatever) and we'd need a way for Taskotron to keep the private key private.

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