Fedora Atomic and Docker Host Image [was Re: Docker Host Image: Requirements?]

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Sun Mar 9 23:21:15 UTC 2014

> - How does one activate the deployed product if extlinux is the active
> bootloader? The website has only instructions for GRUB (bls_import,
> etc).

Ah, you probably hit this:
This is also related:

Basically to make ostree drive extlinux, the layout needs to look like 
> - How does one get rid of the 'traditional Fedora' once the product 
> is active?

Maybe something like:
rpm -qal | while read line; do rm $line || rmdir $line; done
rpm -qal | while read line; do rm $line || rmdir $line; done

> ...figure both won't be necessary anymore once we can use Anaconda to
> install a product directly, but in the meantime it would be helpful
> for some testing and more generally help my understanding. :)
Yep, Anaconda support will fix both.
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