Automatic Smoketests for the Cloud Images: What to Test?

Tim Flink tflink at
Tue Mar 11 01:12:49 UTC 2014

On Fri, 7 Mar 2014 19:46:28 +0900
"Sandro \"red\" Mathys" <red at> wrote:


> >> When I took ownership of this "external
> >> need" (for the Fedora cloud product) I was under the impression we
> >> only just (are going to) have Taskotron and everyone knows it's THE
> >> way to go.
> >
> > I personally love collaboration. It would be awesome if we could
> > avoid spreading resources on '3 systems for 1 task'. I definitely
> > want to know more about Taskotron and its movement towards cloud
> > image testing.
> That's why I was a bit confused to find there's actually 3 systems.
> Collaboration is certainly great, but that's not how it's done so
> let's try to improve on this.
> So, would you recommend to keep using your tools or rather go with
> Taskotron? Or do we do some things in one and others in the other? Or
> do we try to fully implement your tests in Taskotron and drop doing
> the tests with your tools?

I still don't understand why this is an either/or. As I mentioned
earlier, Taskotron and valid do not seem to be trying to accomplish the
same goals. From what I can see, they should be able to be integrated
without too much trouble and I strongly suspect that level of effort
would be far less than setting up separate systems.

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