kernel split up

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Wed Mar 12 21:02:24 UTC 2014

OK, initial builds of the packaging split I talked about last week are now at:

Feel free to poke around with the build from today in some VMs you
don't care about.  I have installed the x86_64 kernel-core package on
a local VM and booted successfully.  The split is roughly what I
talked about last week as well:

[jwboyer at vader kernel]$ rpm -qpi
x86_64/kernel-core-3.14.0-0.rc6.git2.4.fc21.x86_64.rpm | grep Size
Size        : 77220258
[jwboyer at vader kernel]$ rpm -qpi
x86_64/kernel-drivers-3.14.0-0.rc6.git2.4.fc21.x86_64.rpm | grep Size
Size        : 65418445

So ~74MB for kernel-core installed with a 17MB RPM size, and ~63MB for
kernel-drivers installed with a 16MB RPM size.

I'll be doing some more local testing of various things over the next
couple of days.  Once I see that they aren't totally broken, I'll post
the patches to the kernel list.


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