kernel split up

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Wed Mar 12 23:09:34 UTC 2014

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 5:02 PM, Josh Boyer <jwboyer at> wrote:
> OK, initial builds of the packaging split I talked about last week are now at:

Three things have since been pointed out to me.

1) Apparently some people have no idea what this is about.  Go read this thread:

2) The kernel package is only 70k and has nothing in it.  This is
expected.  It's a metapackage that just requires kernel-core and
kernel-drivers to give you the equivalent of today's kernel package.

3) There are no changelogs.  I'm aware of this.  The changelog would
say "split kernel into kernel-core and kernel-drivers subpackages."
Kinda thought that was self-evident and listing it in %changelog makes
it harder to rebase as I go.  Expect a %changelog entry when it's
committed, and more importantly the git commit log will actually be
informative to people that care about kernel.spec.


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