Introduction and packaging for Marconi

Haïkel Guémar hguemar at
Thu Mar 13 22:42:31 UTC 2014

Le 13/03/2014 23:32, Jon Bernard a écrit :
> Hello everyone, I'm Jon and I've created a package for the openstack
> marconi project [1].  As I'm not yet a member of the packaging team,
> I will need a sponsor for this package.  Any feedback is much
> appreciated.
> [1]

If you're looking for a sponsor, I could help you reviewing your package 
and mentor you into the packager group.
First, we need to get you sponsored into the packager, I'll ask you to 
do few informal packages reviews to assess your RPM packaging and Fedora 
guidelines knowledge. And we'll exchange a little about that.
Then, we'll on your package review and get it accepted.
At any time during the process, feel free to contact me about it.

It's a bit late now but there are few things (ie: where's teh changelog, 
dude ?) to fix in your spec :]


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