[cloud] #13: Port Cloud Image Kickstart to anaconda/imagefactory

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Mon Mar 31 20:40:33 UTC 2014

#13: Port Cloud Image Kickstart to anaconda/imagefactory
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     Type:  task              |     Status:  new
 Priority:  major             |  Milestone:  Fedora 21
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 Rel-Eng is updating to Koji 1.9, which will allow us to use Anaconda and
 ImageFactory for image creation instead of appliance-creator.

 * What: The current kickstart file is full of kludges for appliance-
 creator. Port to anaconda/imagefactory kludges
 * Where: same as ongoing maintenance of kickstart
 * Why: appliance-creator is being retired; anaconda-based installs are the
 way forward
 * When: As soon as this is available in Koji. Need a new ImageFactory
 release, then patches into Koji for support, then a new Koji release, then
 Koji needs to be updated in Fedora production
 * Who: Ian McLeod is working on ImageFactory; Jay Greguske on the Koji
 patches, Mike McLean is Koji maintainer, Dennis Gilmore in release
 engineering will do the Koji update. Need to work with them to get this in
 place, and then someone from cloud wg needs to do the updating.

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