comps, kickstart and spin fixes/changes for F21 Cloud

Ian McLeod imcleod at
Mon Sep 8 19:29:34 UTC 2014


At the last SIG meeting I agreed to have a go at fixing up the cloud
spin and the associated kickstarts.  As I understand it, this means:

* Changes to comps - Specifically adding a group that carries the
necessary enabling packages that need to be in the cloud image

* Changes to the cloud kickstarts - To use the above comps groups,
rather than individual packages

* Changes to the spin/install file - To pull in the enabling packages
needed in the cloud image builds, so that the images can be built
successfully using the Cloud install tree

With the above in mind, here is my work so far (on github because they
do such a nice job of rendering diffs, and because I don't have commit
access to the Fedora repos):

* comps changes -

* kickstart and spin changes -


If these are acceptable, and given that the existing cloud tree is,
apparently, broken, can we push out the changes and then deal with any
follow on issues as they show up in the nightly builds?


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