Cloud WG proposed new slate [was: cloud wg official membership refresh?]

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Sep 29 14:16:41 UTC 2014

Okay, so, I went through the IRC logs, e-mail archives,, and tickets. I identified this last of the
the most active cloud SIG members, and I think that the voting WG membership
should reflect this. This ends up dropping quite a few of the active
members, which I think is okay -- it's not a black mark or anything. We've
been operating very well with a blurred line and now formal distinction, and
this is just meant to bring the list into sync with activity.

If you're on this list but feel like you shouldn't be, speak up. (If, for
example, you're really not going to have time over the *next* three months.)
And if you aren't but think you really should be, just say so -- in private
or here or whatever -- I'm not meaning to leave out anyone who is actively
involved and I easily could have missed relevant activity not represented by
the sources above (and also, I haven't had much coffee yet this morning.)

So, proposed new slate:

* Andy Grimm (agrimm)
* Dusty Mabe (dustymabe)
* Ian McLeod (imcleod)
* Jared Smith (jsmith)
* Joe Brockmeier (jzb)
* Haïkel Guémar (number80)
* David Gay (oddshocks)
* Mike Ruckmman (roshi)
* Scott Collier (scollier)

(Why yes, that is in alphabetical order by IRC nick.)

You'll notice I left _myself_ off. That's not because of not caring, but
because of that "not having time over the next few months" thing — I really
need to focus on FPL duties. And, it's also because Red Hat is in the
process of hiring someone to replace my old role focusing on Fedora Cloud.
I'm not going to name names until the ink is dry, but it's someone who will
have no trouble jumping into the mix on merit in short order. (I'm also
really not concerned about number of members, by the way -- I think we
shouldn't make 9 a magic number and adjust up and down based on activity.)

Matthew Miller
<mattdm at>
Fedora Project Leader

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