Cloud WG membership renewal

Haïkel hguemar at
Fri Aug 14 19:30:00 UTC 2015

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

The Cloud WG regularly renew membership, and this time, we have
two seats available.
So if you're interested and able to dedicate a significant amount of time
then you're more than welcome to apply.

Candidates preferably could reply to the mailing list but you can
email me directly
if you're more comfortable this way. Please state what are your interests and
what you'd like to let us know.

Nominations will be closed by August, 24 (12AM UTC), then, the current members
will choose the new ones.

I'd like to thank Andy Grimm (agrimm) and David Gay (oddshocks) for their
fantastic work within the WG.
Andy Grimm will still serve as our liaison to the operations team and
manage access
to our cloud accounts.


PS: WG membership is not mandatory to join the meetings and start working :)

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