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Wed Jan 7 19:47:23 UTC 2015

#84: publicize fedora-dockerfiles
 Reporter:  mattdm                         |       Owner:  jzb
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 Priority:  normal                         |   Milestone:  Fedora 21
Component:  Collaboration & Communication  |  (Final)
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Comment (by znmeb):

 I'm just starting to look at the fedora-dockerfiles. I managed to get the
 Firefox one running but it was a struggle - vnc in a Docker container's
 non-trivial. The Redis and PostgreSQL ones are high on my list to get

 However, if the licensing and trademark folks don't have major issues with
 it, you're welcome to use my 'osjourno-rd' project as an example. See
 http://www.rstudio.com/about/trademark/ for the IP issues and
 https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/znmeb/osjourno-rd/ for the project

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