F21 base AMIs available in both HVM and PV, plus smaller disk size

David Gay dgay at redhat.com
Thu Jan 8 21:20:10 UTC 2015

Hey nerds,

I've got Fedimg properly registering cloud base images as both HVM and PV. (I also added multithreading to the upload process!) Previously, base images were only available as PV. Now, base images are available in both formats. (Atomic images will never be available in PV, as they require HVM).

Also, as per a previous thread on this list, I've reduced the disk requirement from 12 GB to our minimum, 3 GB.

Attached is a signed text file containing a list of AMIs that were just registered today. I used the official F21 x86_64 base cloud image that we have as the official download on our website. Everything seems to be working for me, but in case I missed something, or if you have something to say, please let me know.

-- oddshocks
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