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#66: Create kickstart file
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Comment (by pbrobinson):

 Replying to [comment:6 znmeb]:
 > OK - there's an email thread now on cloud at lists.fedoraproject.org header
 "Size of base Fedora 32 Docker image". So I want to take the kickstart
 file, add "-grub2 -firewalld -dracut -kpartx" and see how big the image
 > How does one make an image? I looked at the Dockerfile on Docker Hub and
 it imports a tarball. How does one make that tarball via, say, livemedia-
 creator, from a kickstart?

 A ticket is not the place to discuss this. The kickstart file is created,
 the ticket is closed. This is a discussion for the mailing list. There is
 lots of docs on the internet for dealing with kickstarts and how to use

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