Size of base Fedora 32 Docker image

Pádraig Brady P at
Wed Jan 14 02:48:13 UTC 2015

On 13/01/15 17:07, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 03:28:14PM +0000, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> The list from the latest image in the docker repository is:
> Same list, sorted by package size (rpm -qa --qf'%9{size} %{name}\n'|sort -rn)
> (But note that glibc-common is deceptive, because without a better
> technical approach available right now, RPM doesn't properly understand
> that the translations have not been installed.) 

Note coreutils is up the top at 14.6MB
It has a new feature in recent versions to reduce disk usage with:
  ./configure --enable-single-binary
It might be worth trying out?  Caveat is some more shared
libs for some tools, which associated higher virt mem usage.
This drops the binaries disk usage from about 5.3MB to 1.2MB
(there are about 10MB of translations and docs).


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