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Sat Jan 31 02:44:58 UTC 2015

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> On 01/02/2015 05:46 PM, David Gay wrote:
> > Hey -- I actually solved this problem during the holidays. Lowered
> > the size to 3 GB as suggested. There just haven't been any new builds
> > that have gone through, and I haven't cut a new version just yet
> > anyway (due to the holidays). It's no problem for me to send someone
> > a list of fresh AMIs of the F21 cloud build with the lowered size
> > tomorrow, if someone can toss them on the official website, as well.
> > But yeah, this is all done. Just had to tweak two numbers is all.
> > 
> OK, So David's part is done, however AWS still shows old AMI's. Does it
> mean we have to nudge/bump someone to push new images over?

The AMIs need to be updated on the web team's side. I'm told I'd probably have to send a patch in rather than get commit access. I'd like to provide them with a list of entirely fresh AMIs with the smaller volume size, including the new base HVM images. Do we have someone who's looped in with the web team (maybe robyduck?) who can manage this? I could write a patch myself, but I've looked at the code and I'm unfamiliar with the particular templating language and JS used on that area of the page, and also, we need a new button/selector/something so that users can choose paravirtual or HVM when they select "Fedora Cloud base". I figured the implementation of that new button/selector/whatever should be left up to the web team.

All that being said, if someone can connect us to the web team on this one, I can send out a fresh, signed list of AMIs to this list. From there, the web team can update the page with the new AMI IDs however they see fit.

-- David

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