Fedora 22 is out, Fedora 23 is coming :)

Joe Brockmeier jzb at redhat.com
Tue Jun 2 03:36:03 UTC 2015

On 06/01/2015 06:46 PM, Rickard von Essen wrote:
> I think there is one good (nearly) point and click installer that we
> could use (more): vagrant. Currently there is only boxes for VirtualBox
> and libvirt, maybe it would be possible to provide boxes for VMware,
> Parallels, KVM etc. It would also be great to publish the meta-info
> on https://atlas.hashicorp.com to allow something like "vagrant init
> fedora/atomic-23".

we should add this to the PRD / features for F23. Note that it's not
always trivial to add support for new box types. (Note, KVM is implied
with libvirt, so we have that covered. Does Vagrant have a Parallels
provider? VMware seems like an important target.)

> If we are looking for a more boot2docker like solution it is good to
> know that boot2docker (cli) is being deprecated by docker machine which
> actually (soon) have a decent number of drivers (VirtualBox, VMware
> etc). Docker machine just downloads and uses the boot2docker.iso. It
> should be possible to use another iso as long as it follows some
> expectations by docker machine. In the near future there will also be a
> GUI for docker machine called https://kitematic.com/ .

I haven't tried docker machine, we should look into this...


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