Fedora 22 is out, Fedora 23 is coming :)

Matt Micene nzwulfin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 15:19:51 UTC 2015

I'm curious about the drive to make the "base cloud image" as small as
possible and remove things like the Python stack.  It could be that I've
got a terminology issue (which also could be the case) tracking threads.

What's the expected use of the "base cloud image"?  The relevant download
page states:
"Everything you need, and nothing you don't."
"images for creating general purpose virtual machines (VMs)"

The drive to a small as possible and stripped down base image doesn't make
sense to me in that context.  General purpose compute for a modern system
would include things like dnf, python, full logging capabilities, without a
need to add a large number of packages.

If the drive to make the base image as small as possible is for docker
containers (as I've seen in other threads), there already exists a Docker
Base image.

What is base functionality in a container isn't the same as base
functionality for a general purpose system in AWS or OpenStack.

I guess I'm saying I'd like to be clear when we are talking about Cloud
Base vs Docker Base and make sure the relationship between them is clear
and the goals for each are clear.  Especially where changes could harm
adoption (Cloud Images without Python in AWS would be bad ).

-Matt M

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 8:50 AM, Kushal Das <kushaldas at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thank you everyone for a great Fedora 22 release. Things are stable now,
> before we can understand we will be in the alpha freeze for Fedora 23.
> So this is a good time to start working on the new features list for Fedora
> 23. 23rd June is the last date to submit a new system wide change
> for Fedora 23, 11th August is the alpha release for Fedora 23.
> Below I have written few points which came up in different discussions.
> Please feel free to comment/add/delete in this thread.
> * Better user documentation for cloud. We need something better than
>   wiki.
> * Notification of pending updates in the base image. After login the
>   user should get a motd message saying which all updates are pending (I
>   have worked on this part time before).
> * Reduce the base cloud image size (we also have
>   https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-badges/ticket/378 )
> * testCloud (pushed back from Fedora 22 change list).
> * https://github.com/vmware/tdnf this might help us to go another step
>   closer to remove Python stack from the cloud image.* Having a better
> * workstation to cloud story (came up in the last week's meeting).
> Kushal
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