Fedora 22 is out, Fedora 23 is coming :)

Josh Boyer jwboyer at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jun 11 16:01:29 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 11:44 AM, Matthew Miller
<mattdm at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
>> > I think that's why it hasn't been done yet. The plan would be for them
>> > to be largely auto-generated and auto-tested, unlike spins (which, as
>> > largely desktop/GUI focused outputs, are hard to test automatically).
>> That helps with image creation.  It doesn't help with scale, too much
>> choice, and churn.  Just because something is possible technically,
>> doesn't mean it is a good idea.
> Not sure what you mean by "scale" then. I also don't think too much
> choice is a problem here. See for example the success of
> <https://bitnami.com/stacks>, which is a similar idea. And churn --

That is an app store.  You want the cloud image(s) to be "app/stack"
oriented?  How is that not going to run into literally the same
problem you describe with having python installed?  What if someone
wants version XYZ of drupal instead of what is in Fedora?

Why wouldn't you instead focus on the base cloud image, and then if
you want the app store model have a backend service that generated a
"app/stack" image on the fly for someone to download.  That seems a
lot more flexible than generating 30 images that people might be
interested in but probably only 6 will ever be used, etc.  Then you'd
already have tooling other people could use to create their own cloud
images that aren't in the app store.

> well, we have other initiatives aimed at modulating that.

Such as?


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