[cloud] #105: Missing Cockpit RPMs in Fedora Atomic 22

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Wed Jun 17 19:20:52 UTC 2015

#105: Missing Cockpit RPMs in Fedora Atomic 22
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 Priority:  blocker            |   Milestone:  Fedora 22
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Comment (by jzb):

 Finally coming back to this. So - I had known that containerizing Cockpit
 was in the offing, I hadn't realized that it was in the offing for F22.
 It's entirely possible that this information had crossed my screen at some
 point and it got lost in the shuffle - if so, mea culpa.

 I've installed and run Cockpit via container a few times for demos, and
 here's my current thinking now that I'm aware how easy this is, etc.:

 * We should avoid undue surprises, but...
 * We should also avoid churn
 * The container works well, and ...
 * Highlights the model we're seeking to promote with the Atomic host
 * We probably have fewer users inconvenienced/affected by this than, say,
 a random change in the desktop or something like that.

 All that said, I think I'm -1 on reverting the change at this point. If
 I'd spotted this before release, I'd feel differently, but I think we can
 just go forward from here.

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